Blue Velvet – 10

tito’s, blueberry, pomegranate,

grapefruit, balsamic reduction


Honey Do, Honey Don’t – 12

served warm

ransom old tom gin, fennel, smoked paprika,

cinnamon, honey, lemon, fig bitters


Pulling Rank – 14

pisco, punt e mes, bitters,

pickled red grapes


Back In Thyme – 12

camarena reposado, ancho reyes,

green apple, lemongrass, thyme


Pour Moi – 14

golden raisin & fig appleton rum, china china amaro,

grapefruit, egg white, smoked sugar


Roll With The Punches – 15

served warm

ron zacapa, rothman & winter orchard pear,

falernum, coconut, cream, bitters


Third Rail – 12

apple-cinnamon scotch, drambuie,

frangelico, orange


Easy Rider – 12

cognac, cherry bounce,

pistachio orgeat, rosemary, lemon


Campfire Cozy – 15

highwest campfire whiskey, cocoa nib campari,

carpano antica, espresso bitters


Till’ There Was You – 12

jameson, dry curacao, black walnut,

espresso, simple



The Industry – 7

“I am in the industry. You are in the industry.

We are in the industry. This is the industry.”

shot of rittenhouse + highlife can





Former Spy – 9

vodka, limoncello, lavender syrup, lemon


715 G&T – 9

martin miller’s gin, seasonal tonic, soda


Pompelmo – 9

averna, cava, grapefruit bitters


Anderson Sidecar – 10

bourbon, luxardo apricot, cointreau,

lemon, rhubarb bitters


Barrel Manhattan – 10

rittenhouse, dolin sweet,

angostura bitters


Maple Old Fashioned – 10

buffalo trace, maple syrup, orange, angostura bitters


Shogun’s Grip – 12

hakushu, cherry herring, carpano antica,

lemon, grapefruit bitters


Alchemist – 12

pimm’s #1, fernet branca, lillet blanc,

rosemary, lemon, ginger syrup


totally, ridiculously out-of-season…but who cares, right?!

Green Line – 10

tito’s, serrano pepper, cucumber, mint, lime, honey


Basil Rickey – 10

cucumber-fennel gin, basil, lavender syrup,

orange bitters, soda water